What to do about “second base”

So some girls on the softball team at the high school I work at want to get sports bras that say “second base” on them. This feels like a bad idea to me and also to one of my colleagues. What do you think: agree or disagree? What do you think is the best advice/ talking points to bring up with the girls?

Update: wanted to answer some of the questions. First, the purchase would happen as a team. Team apparel is a big thing here on our campus. Usually someone organizing an apparel purchase like this needs to get enough buy in from the team to make a sizable order. Not sure if the school would pay for any of it, but any purchase of apparel would be assumed by others to have the okay/approval by a faculty member advising that group- in this case their coach.

Second, the intention is that they would be worn to be seen, like during practice or something. One worry is that perhaps not all the girls would feel comfortable with the message it sends? The girls understand that it’s clever and has sexual undertones.

—people have been posting comments/questions about this to my askbox, so I’ve put the responses under the tag #secondbase.

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    If these were college girls, or a rec team of adults, go for it. But for a high school team? I’d say no. I wouldn’t...
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    This kind of sexual reference should not be used openly in a sports environment. People want to be focused on the game...
  3. bodhisattvanaut said: agree.
  4. americanborngloballydirected answered: Did they say why they want sports bras with second base? What’s the purpose/result? Why does it bother you? Converse.
  5. chillin-with-wilson answered: 1)its supporting vulgar idea(s) to males 2)its degrading their appearance to society, lowering peoples judgment of them, 3)it ain’t classy :D
  6. ghostsintowers answered: I don’t understand. Is the school providing them with sports bras? If not, why would you discuss their choice of underwear with them?
  7. jeffohora answered: I think it’s a bad idea, a very bad idea. First of all, what’s with sports bras?! How about a discussion about respect instead of “on sale”?
  8. deaths-desolation answered: Ask a woman
  9. autumn-amber said: but if it’s their money then it’s their choice. I’m not sure why you’re concerned, wouldn’t these sports bras be worn under a uniform anyway?
  10. musiclover1271 answered: agree
  11. venus2pluto answered: It’s clever, but not the best idea for a school team. I’d tell them it’s inappropriate, even if it’s covered, due to age and circumstances.
  12. undecisional said: They probably think it’s very clever, but to me it just sounds like trouble. Does the school dress code prohibit sexually suggestive language? The last thing we need is a high profile rape because some horny teen guy thought he could get it.
  13. kz928cfd answered: Although it is comical, high school boys will not “get it” and more than likely take it as an open invitation…to try to get to second base.
  14. fishedmywish answered: That’s hilarious! What are you going to do, dictate their choice in underwear? T-Shirts are different because they’re seen by everyone.
  15. shivactadayon1 answered: Ask them what it means, you might not be getting the same idea as they are. Tell them as long as it is school appropraite they can keep it
  16. wrongendofthebed answered: At the college level, our softball team sells tee-shirts as a fundraiser that say “save second base”.
  17. queenoffall answered: Dude. It’s tough reasoning with young people who just want all the attention they can get (good or bad.) Maybe have a rule about shirts?
  18. shadowsinseashells answered: They’re so much more than just an achievement for boys their age (“second base! nice!” etc.), and they should have that pointed out to them.
  19. thesecretone123 answered: yes
  20. blueandgray said: I’d say no, but it’s a fun idea. More for a college team, in my opinion.
  21. burlesque-enchiridion answered: Def. fun. But may not be the best if the parents are more reserved.
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