What’s the true purpose of school?


The purpose of education is to prepare students for the real world. Now, it does this in many, many ways, but I’ll list the most important ones. It readies you

1) Academically. This one should really be a no-brainer, huh? Learning stuff is very important, indeed—however, the way in which you learn is even more important. Besides, most of the shit you learn in high school is useless anyway: when would you need to apply statistics or environmental science? Well, unless you’re majoring in those niche, small majors, then no, you cannot apply them. Anyway, it’s the how that really matters—how do you study? Do you cram the night before? Are you a diligent child and study over the course of the week [before a test]? It’s these working habits that carry on to higher education, to college, and eventually to the real world. And no, it’s not the material themselves from environmental science that will help you in real life—Yeah, try bringing random soil and dirt facts in the work room, and people would just think you’re a rambling dumbass. So all in all, it’s how you organize, plan and above them, work.

2) Socially. Most people, if not all, overlook this key aspect. I can’t emphasize this enough—the real world demands communication and cooperation. I don’t care if you’re a computer science major, working away at those computers and keeping to yourselves—eventually, you’re going to have to talk to your manager, discuss future plans with co-workers and so forth. If you’re a social monster in the crazy time that is high school, then good job. Chances are you’ll be very successful. 

3) Mentally. This one’s pretty big too, if not bigger than the other two combined. Listen, you need to find yourself—who are you? And what the hell are you even doing? But above all, why? If you truly know yourself as a person, then you can easily answer these questions. By the end of college, you’re suppose to have known yourself, inside and out, a very defined individual. The mind is a fragile device, so make sure you gear it in the right direction. 

In sum, you have to know how to work correctly and how to socialize with people. If you have all of these qualities, then you’re already well off. If you don’t, work towards them—I’m getting there myself. Good luck!

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