I NEED YOUR HELP! I’m working on a project about the changing roles of teachers

…How we’re now both educators in the traditional sense, but in order to be really good at what we do, we have to learn how to effectively and resourcefully manage information (eg course content, resources, learning activities, student assessments, learning process artifacts, communications to and from students and faculty, administrators and parents) and know the ins and outs of social networks and internet technologies and how students, faculty, and parents use those technologies.

Some of you teachers out there have maybe come to this realization as well as we dive deeper into the 21st century.

If you’re a teacher or employed in education and have some thoughts on this trend, could you message my askbox and give me a sense of who you are and what you do and how you see the role of information management playing out in your own practice. I might want to get in touch for further research.

If you’re a student who has some thoughts on this, I’d love to know them too.

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  1. kristaduerrface said: What exactly is your question? Are you asking how do we as teachers use technology to benefit our student’s educational needs? and what do you mean by networks? Like connections with other people through person or technology? I’m a little confused.
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