Lisu Chief performs tibetan dark magic and licks red hot iron knife:

When we visited the Lisu Village in Yunnan, China, we watched a short film about the village, made by CERS (the Chinese Exploration & Research Society we were hosted by). In it we saw the man in this video, chief of the village who had been known for doing “dark” magic. The day we visited, the chief from the film came and spoke to us about his experience and culture. He answered our questions and when the students asked if he would do some of his magic, he took this iron knife and placed it in the fire for 8 or 9 minutes, maybe longer. It was searing hot, as you can see when he realizes it’s too hot for him to pull out bare-handed. Then… He licks it. You’d think it would have burned off his tongue, but apparently when you speak the magic Tibetan words under your breath before trying a feat like this, you’re safe from the pain of heat.

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